Solutions for decoration and architecture

Duralmond is a composite material created by combining vegetable based & synthetic resins with crushed Almond shells. From this unique and innovative material, we produce a number of decorative ranges that provide volume, shape and texture for wall and ceiling applications; areas of a building which traditionally have been limited to flat, cold surfaces.

Ecological friendly

Thanks to our manufacturing process, we take a vegetable waste product such as almond shell and mould it into a series of biodegradable and recyclable objects. These objects may take various geometric forms or mimic other textures, such as wood, leather or concrete. This allows us to unleash the imagination of the most innovative specifiers and designers.

Manufacturing process

We use a moulding technique that allows us to offer shapes and textures to provide decorative solutions for both interior and exterior applications. After a polymerisation process, the resulting pulp is poured into a mould and subjected to heat and pressure. As a result of this treatment, the Duralmond material becomes rigid and adopts the shape and texture of the mould thereby providing the finished objects.

Duralmond, unique material

Water-resistant: ideal for wet areas.

Anti reverberation effect and sound insulation: empresa.efecto.texto

Reaction to fire: Under new European Norms the product has been certified Certificate Cs2, d0. Under existing mainland European norms, we can formulate the material to provide M4 through to M1 certification, depending on the object you want to produce.

Lightweight: it will not affect the structure of a building and easy to install.

Easy installation: requires no specialist knowledge of the installer. If necessary, panels can be cut and machined with ordinary woodworking tools.

Mimetic material: Takes the form of the mold and texture with great precision.

Variable Density: With the same material, we can manufacture objects of variable density from 175g/litre to 700g/litre.

Mechanical resistance: The material has a mechanical strength which varies depending on the density. With a high density formula it is very hard and has high resistance to abrasion and impact. At lower density it is less resistant but more elastic and lighter. Therefore, we tend to provide the material formulated mid-way between the higher and lower density in order to provide optimum working and technical properties providing both good impact and abrasion resistance whilst also providing ease of cutting, sanding, drilling, screwing or nailing.

Weather resistance: Es prácticamente inalteralble a la acción del sol y totalmente impermeable al agua.

Insulation: During the polymerization process, micro-pores are created within the material which makes the Duralmond composite a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation material. Additionally, due to the shaped surfaces of the various patterns i.e. not flat, the panels have a dissipating effect on sound and anti-reverberation properties.

Resistance against attack by borers and others: The material does not attract the action of termites, woodworm, rot fungi, larvae cycle insects, or favour nesting rodents or other insects.

Cleaning: Resists the detrimental side effects such as the reduction of surface sheen over a period of time of almost all domestic cleaning products and of course the detrimental effect that water may have on some other products.